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Yes also for me a very impressive Lag-Festival πŸ™‚ and it doenst matter if you got 1 line or 100 Lines running the lag keeps on when the towns grow up.

Breaking down steeets results in very low traffic by cars and the result is that the perfomance isnt better but if you should break down a hole City the result is a perfomance boost. Small Map or big map didnt make a Change because sooner or later the Citys will grow up and the Lag-Festival will begin ….

Citys around 1000+ People Β let the game get laggy …… unplayable laggy………..and as well this is not a new Problem.

So what should we do? wait i guess and hope that there is way to fix it ….otherwise we cant Play this game πŸ™‚

greetings Markus

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