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The use of a second core is already implemented or appears to be yes, but how they are using it is unclear. My second linked thread shows it being used across 2 cores (4 due to HT) but that reply was received after I made that post, so I assumed they meant to further optimise how its using both.

Also, the other changes will make a huge difference during gameplay where the FPS drops drastically when doing something like buying 10 new vehicles.

I guess we will have to wait and see what they do or don’t have up their sleeves.
I also suggested something like:

Add a new settings option for Civ Simulation Level.
High: Civ’s 10,000. Scale of Ticket Prices – 100% (as it is now)
Medium: Civ’s 5,000. Scale of Ticket Prices – 200%
Low: Civs 2,500. Scale of Ticket Prices – 400%

to reduce the load from this particular area, fudging the numbers if you like (SC style)
The reply was:

Thanks for sharing the idea. I understand..

However, I think this is more a “emergency solution” which we only make if it’s really impossible to optimize.

We are very confident that we can optimize it so that this switch is not needed.