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Nobody mentioned planning everything in advance…
There is a large difference between planning a whole network and noting some sketches of lines for future reference. It’s a tool; One person may use it to plan everything in advance, but I don’t see how that should be a reason to exclude it from the game.

The fact that it is a dynamic environment only adds to the feature (otherwise in real life nobody would plan as ‘it would change in a few years anyway’), as a planning can show you how your lines will face obstacles. That way you don’t waste an hour building a rail line that was doomed to begin with.
(or you think of a great line/crossing that would not be viable in 1800 but is awesome for a ICE, better jot it down somewhere)
It doesn’t necessarily have to be about advanced planning; Just a basic (even rudimentary is fine) planning would be nice, but even that is currently not in-game.

Not sure about your second reasoning… Some people will want to plunge in the deep in a game and some people want to think before they act*. More of a personal preference of how you play a game than an argument of why planning would be bad when implemented.

* The planning phase of Raven shield comes to mind… a lot of people only ‘played’ the game in observation mode. Still waiting for that remake…

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