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Well in the first two videos you repeated yourselves over and over and over and over and over….
Or you talked about totally irrelevant things or made yourself look bad, mostly in the second video:
First 10 minutes, how people think about US highschool. Wtf? I don’t wanna be rude to you, but that summs my impression perfectly up, this three letters, because this has literally nothing to do with the game.
And the remaining minutes you make yourself look bad because you say over and over again, that you’re not a good commentator and writer. So what? In Germany we got a saying that, roughly translated says, that noone got born as a master.
You made mistakes, but you took on that constructive criticism and improved in the third episode and the more LP’s you make, the better you will become at it or do you think, famous YouTubers started as good as they’re now?
So don’t bother about that and just do it.

I had the impression, that you had a lack of themes you could comment on while playing so I suggest, that you should read the forums and maybe comment on one or two discussions and link them in the video description.
Or just comment more in depth about what you do right now in the game or why you do something in this way and not in another or, if all strings are ripped apart, talk about important RL things like your stance in the Gaza conflict but pls, oh by god pls don’t talk about VIP or wannabe VIP like, that Justin Bieber puked yet again in a club in LA, that doesn’t interest anybody who has a glimpse of Intelligence so in conclussion noone of this community will take interest in it and will unsubscribe your channel, if you start talking about VIP.

With best regards