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I agree with baronjutter. I’m 9 minutes in to watching it there’s a lot of umm…ahhh, it just needs a bit more planning on what you’re going to cover. I caught that you said you did this late at night around homework and scouts things, so I don’t want to be too harsh. It would be great to see something more planned next time.

It might be better to start with a new game and talk through building up a network rather than taking an existing game and spending so long talking about the issues with making money from freight. I skipped forward and noted you talked a little about building, but it could do with being up front.

I did like that you mentioned a couple of the key differences between this and TTD/CiM2 in that stations don’t have fixed catchment areas and that the steady rise of car ownership will change how things work out later in the game.

You really need to turn off the in-game music. It’s a constant, irritating distraction and makes it very difficult to hear what you’re saying.

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