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I posted screenshot with an un-textured Incat highspeed ferry (used to sail the Cook Strait, Picton > Wellington) but no one seemed to have any interrest 19 views (no comments), so I discontinued that idea. This week I posted a pick  of the current state my CB2 wagon is at and not far off from finishing. did the NS 6400 within a week very simple model.

CB2 wagon

I’ve been trying to find blueprints or technical drawings of either the FP,  FM class or Silverfern, ofcourse I could ask for contact info of the author(s) and convert them that would be much quicker and less painfull then doing it all from scratch.

I think I might give Christchurch station another go as the construction system can now do what I originaly intended I just have to figure it out. The new wiki should help (I hope). And the DC is kinda in limbo atm, not touched it sinds may. As the DCP, DFB, DFT, DX, DXB, DXC all look rather close to each other, I’m looking into how I could perhaps model them with the least amount of work.DC class

I’ve been trying to get a better understanding of the .mtl files and how the dirt/rust textures work so I can finish mods. and for the rest dabbling in some EU stuff:

New Routemaster

sinds august, 2016

Arnhem Centraal

sinds march, 2016


sinds last month.

I got to add though I was realy hoping I would spark others into wanting to model assets as well.

P.S. the Kapiti Line looks pritty darn good indeed.