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If it helps I belong to quite a few NZ train related groups on facebook that may quite possibly be able to provide technical drawings and blueprints for any trains over here. I’m going to be really busy for the next two weeks, but I should be free enough after then to see what I can find if you would like?

By the way are you still having issues finding pictures of the dump-doors, etc on the CB’s? I’m sure somebody on there will have photo’s of them if not.

I know quite a few people on one of the groups that model assets for various train related games. Mainly for trainz but two guys are not far away from finishing off the first entirely custom built NZ route for TS2017. I’m planning on getting them interested this game in the hope they will be keen to create more kiwi assets.

By the way that London bus and that station look really cool. Nice work! 🙂