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Hey Mars_Mullo Good stuff 🙂

It’s very doable to add new industry . Just keep things simple at first and expand on it. As for removing Oil Wells & Refineries entirely, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone try and I’m doubtful it’s even possible (TF doesn’t like it when you change original files). You might want to have a look at Kiwi-NZ’s mod

It’s a bit more then what you have intended, but it’ll save alot of time on getting started.  I was going to add new Dairy industry (Milk Farm > Processing {powder’d/cheese/enz.} > Goods) and had worked a day on it. But my plans for animating cows wasn’t possible, however with Transport Fever it will be.

The modern stock is easiest to mod due to all the photos fans and workers share online without them my mods would never have been as good/accurate. Also most of the stuff I learnt was just from comparing files, I also understood most of it as I had writen lua for an other game. And reading comments from others saved time filling in the gaps. Also from day-1 none of us realy knew anything. Just days of crashing to see if it worked or not 😀