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Azrael and co, just because you don’t personally suffer from a particular issue does not mean there is no issue.

I have steam on a 240GB ssd because I’d rather actively manage my library and have blazing fast read speed. My c drive is a smaller ssd because it shouldn’t need to be any bigger. I have a 500gb drive, but I use it for sorting raw video and I don’t want it fragmented to hell. These are fairly common setups these days.

In no way can it be reasonable for a game to work this way and the answer be to have to buy a bigger hard drive if you want to play. Tens of gigabytes of save files for a single play through are just totally unacceptable, as is expecting players to know how to symlink the save directory properly.

No evidence of harm is not evidence of no harm. If the devs don’t get on top of these very public issues quickly it will hurt game sales. How many patches and updates do you think we’ll get if the game fails to sell well?

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