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I voiced a similar point in the support forum –

However, to be fair, I have also not seen the bugs you have mentioned. I find all the menus work fine with a scroll wheel on mine. What I do have a BIG problem with is that I can only use small maps! Medium or large simply are too much for my PC to cope with which leaves me with £200m in the bank and nowhere left to expand in the mid 1970s!! When I think I could be on a much larger map and be planning a huge high speed network to use the TGV on when it comes online in 1981, I’m left feeling very frustrated.

This game has many minor bugs yes, sometimes crashes for no reason, sometimes freezes, somethings can be VERY annoying like the constant ‘collision’ warning when placing rails but the biggest and most unforgivable flaw is the devs were lazy and didn’t code the core game to use multithreading. Therefore, all of us with powerful muticore CPUs are left with a processor bottleneck as the game will only use ONE of the CPU’s cores, leaving the game unplayable once it gets to a reasonable size.

I have no clue how easy something like this is to fix but one things for sure, if they don’t fix such a major flaw soon, this game will sink fast. That would be a shame because at it’s heart, is a great game.