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Except, for most people, for most of the time, the product works as advertised. It’s like complaining that photoshop is barely useable when you load  in a picture that is 1GB in size and has a few gigapixel … It’s the same with TF, the amount of data is simply too much for the system to handle. And as stated before: that is not really a bug. A designflaw? Probably.

I have an Intel i7 920 cpu and a thumping great Radeon card that can run things like Flight Sim, Train Sim, Crysis, Farcry, etc, etc EASILY with ALL settings on MAX. Don’t imply that my system isn’t up to it because short of NASAa research department, there are few PCs that are much better.

I had a quick look at the save games, and I have to say that that has shown me a thing or two. My save files on the maps that become unplayable are around 130MB of compressed data. Uncompress that file and you get to around 400MB of data. That data has to be taken from the game at every turnover of the year and it is that data that the game needs to keep it’s calculations going. That’s still a massive amount of data to keep reprocessing over and over again.

Fine, good, great. So basically the game chocks itself to death. That is not my problem is it? It shows the game was BADLY designed.

Further more, I would like to point out that as far as I know, ………..

I know the law, I stated before that IF this was a normal commercial product, then they would be breaking the sale of goods act. However, because this kind of thing isn’t covered, we pay our money and get RIPPED OFF. You are seriously defending this? How about YOU refund my bloody money then?


Now can we please go back on topic (which is talking about the actual issue instead of complaining that it’s a gamebraking bug that demands legal action)

Game cant be played = Broken. What else is there to say?

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