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I wasn’t suggesting that the game should be re-implimented in .NET or anything, I was merely using it as an example that people are more familiar with. I was simply pointing out that a temporary fix could be to use something like threadpool or something similar, to handle the newly created threads while they optimized them properly. As you yourself stated,

You need a solid solution splitting the mathematical equation into smaller parts and across more cores

which is exactly what I was suggesting, but it takes time, and not everyone is willing to wait that long.

However, their Beta testing was obviously not up to scratch

Beta testing is a pain, you can spend lots of time and money on it, but it don’t guarantee results. To give you an example, I had an app beta tested and I’d fixed the problems they’d found, passed it to my gf to try and within 5min she found a major bug that they’d missed. Nothing is 100%, but I agree that it should have been picked up on and at least had a statement or two.