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These are great guys. Really enjoy them..there was one though I found the horn was way too loud. Even though I had the volume set to an okay level for everything, if I had the train in window anywhere when it started to move it was 10x louder than everything else.


The other thing is when I try to load VL10 and VL11 into the mod manager they both kick back a “syntax error”
all other trains work fine.

specifically VL10u_1.1.1 and VL11_1.0



I fixed those two zip files. There are problems with the tfgm.lua on a non-russian system the “function config” line at the top is partially mangled. When I opened it in a text editor the F was missing and was replaced with a couple of gibberish symbols. I deleted those and typed the word correctly and they worked. You may wish to update your zip files.



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