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its a little hidden, because they don’t make new posts but rather edit the patch notes into the opening posts, but they can be found here:


“Build 4334 (September 18)

  • Added a button to delete savegames
  • Added mouse wheel sensitivity setting
  • Added camera key bindings: tilt with <r> and <f>, zoom with <y/z> and <x>
  • Added emulation for middle and right mouse button: <ctrl> + left => middle, <alt> + left => right
  • Improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7
  • Improved screen resolution switching
  • Fixed a crash while building level crossings
  • Fixed a texture loading crash
  • Fixed a crash caused by excess files sitting in folders (“.DS_Store” etc.)
  • Fixed visibility problem of resolution list in main menu (wasn’t visible on small screens)
  • Fixed sound of modern open wagons”