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I think, together with the traffic jams,  inhabitants of this otherwise enchanting virtual transport world stubbernly refusing to take the train are the most important things for the dev team to correct. In the more than 300 hours i’ve played (and also very much enjoyed) this game these are deffinately the two issues that have made me want to give up on it several times. Sure i’ve got medals for managing full loads of passengers trains but as soon as cars start to appear the passenger’s ‘Train Fever’ starts to detoriate very quickly and all that’s left to avoid bankrupcy is to delete the passenger train lines and sell the trains.

And it’s not like the reason for these passengers not to take the train anymore is because they all have bought a car….Reinstate the ol’ intercity bus lines et voila, there they are again, crowding up at the busstops by the hundreds as if any moment a rock concert will begin right there in the middle of the street. I can’t help sticking my tongue out to these poor sods as i drive by in an almost empty tram. I’m glad for them it doesn’t rain in the TF world (yet..)

Standing there at the busstop, waiting for hours, days, weeks, months, for a bus that’s not filled up to the last seat already or stuck in a traffic jam. Too focused to have noticed the almost empty comfortable train that has just left the station for the last time…  I’m surprised this whole TF world doesn’t colapse all together because people must be getting fired by the hundreds for arriving late each day or not arriving at all.

C’mon TF devs, get rid of these annoying traffic jams and put some real train fever into the inhabitants. As it is now the games’ name should be ‘Bus Fever’, certainly not ‘Train Fever’.

On behalf of all the inhabitants of the TF world, thank you so much !