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That’s curious. I have nearly the same system as you have, i7 370, Gforce 660, 16 GB Ram, Win8 64bit and TF is running smooth on my system. Only some short and light jerky performance when the game is auto saving or the game presents the (monthly) financial results. Do you have the most recent video card driver software installed or may-be other software (having conflicts with TF) running at the background?  The Train Fever software don’t work properly together with some other programs. I have (beside the known McAfee troubles) also an issue between Bandicam and Train Fever. If I start the Bandicam recording program before I start Train Fewer then the landscape generator creates corrupted map results (see the picture below) Sorry for my answer in English, I am Dutch and can understand and read the German language very well, only to write in German is difficult (very unfamiliar) for me.