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If I Zoom in or move the camera, some of these strange shadowy squares disappear and some not.
If I zoom out, they appear again.
I also recognized, If i build or delete something in such a shadowy square like a track-road-crossings or station buildings, that they disappear in that area, where the station or whatever stood on.
However I can’t confirm this as guaranteed for the normal tracks.
I also can’t confirm, if it removes those shadowy squares, when you delete city buildings.

I didn’t get it in an empty map yet.
I didn’t have this phenomen at the start of my first map and now on my second map neither.
And before I build anything, I look around at the terrain, the cities and so on, so my map always stays empty for the first few minutes.

As far as I can remember, this glitch occured since loading my first map for the first time, so I’ll be on the lookout tomorrow, if it occurs after loading my second map, I alrdy have several industrial truck lines in it.

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