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“having a few lines connecting a lot of cities and the second one is having many lines each connecting only two cities.”

Few longer lines -> could bring more profit.

Longer lines could be used by passengers for longer distances. Longer distances are generally more profitable.Customers who choose longer distances doesn’t travel  in point to point model (dont fit  20 minute limit).
Faster trains (higher top speed, faster track) benefits more from the longer lines model.

Risks to handle:

Its crucial to use traffic lights to keep spacing
– bad spacing -> low profit
– in case of one line for 4 cities and 2 trains you need about 2 pairs of traffic lights at all. (2 pairs of traffic lighs on the dual track create 4 blocks. 4 blocks is enough for 2-3 trains)
Slowest train slows whole line
– set all trains similar
Build smooth tracks for faster speed. High curves use only in the station neighbor. Once train reached the top speed , keep ti until next station. Sharp curve slows down train, can cause shorter distance in the 20minute limit.

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