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Steel Talon

The deal is, that the game already does so. Follow a vehicle with its properties open. Everytime a vehicle cannot reserve a path on its line, it will display “waiting for free path” and will start braking. This is the time when a new path is searched for.

In that case, the bi-directional loop would work, it does not!

If TF has all content of OTTD (planes, ships), some simplfications may come acceptable, but it does not.

Unless I define waypoint for each line & platform, I experiencing 2 different lines picking same one & not recalculating if it’s blocked, even when there is one completely free.

Deadlocks only result on bad designs and dynamic path selection would cause even more of them.

How exactly? I never ever had problem with it in OTTD.

This is not OTTD.

Pathifinding is a way of finding best path between 2 points, it can work same for TF as it does for OTTD. Lines are system that says where train goes, not how it gets here!

If you need to have 2 trains from the same line at the same station at the same time, it’s wrong anyways.

Better than having it standing on the main track blocking all other traffic!