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This idea is realy good, but i think it needs a bit of fine tuning, at late game you get a pruduction of 100 units, so 2-3 would be to much.

I suggest, like in the real world, production (unit/manpower) will change over time. In early years you need more people to create stuff and in modern days you need less men to creat the same amount or even more. So it could change over the time from 10/1 (worker/unit) to like 1/10. Those numbers have to be calculated to be more balanced.

the other thing for this idea, we need to know if factories have a production cap per time line. i don’t know if you can get up to 100 units a few years into the game. if so, you could break the game mechanics and have a demand of 1000 people for that facility at around 20-30 years into the game, and that is the population of 3 whole cities.

The idea is great, but needs more fine tuning.

We will see, if there’s is going to be a mod, or the dev’s will work on such things.


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