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Anyhow – the better solution would be to make totally dynamic system:
– only one train of a given line can access the station
– platform is chosen dynamically “

Yes, please. I described the system by an example, to make it clear. You used the statement definition. The result is the same. I am quite happy that you admit to eat the crow.

The issue time of switching is there and also a cure exists already. The platform selector, in front of a station knows how long it takes to most-far-side platform, and also it knows when the straight platform would be free. So we are looking for a task of a shortest route (less time consuming). In the last patch is a new math feature, the agent cars look for a  less time consuming way depends on traffic jam. Well, this it. 🙂 .

If the player build 6 lanes track and compress it to 2 platform station. The system makes sure that the platforms are used optimal. Thats all. It depends on line frequencies and station maintenance cost where is a sweet spot. I am systematic man and like to create the systems with few controllable spots. So with working platform selector I would get a station maintenance cost as tool. This tool allows setting threshold of complexity switching and traffic lights systems before the stations.

For example, in case of sky-high station maintenance  the hungry for diamond switch would be sky-high too. 🙂