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gGeorg: My crow consumption is only about platform selection for buses/trucks/trams. I keep my position on the railroads 🙂

Anyhow – from my ~8.5 year experience as a software developer I would be inclined to consider what you suggest “fuzzy logic”. The word “optimal” in the case of multi faceted problems is not well defined, thus any mechanism you will introduce will fail one way or another, causes alot of problems and breeds tons of ill defined bugs.

Hint: there is “automatic vehicle spacing” in this game. You know well how well it works 🙂

Besides – most lines in TF operate on a similar frequency ( or would, if we could properely space trains ), so even if you could get that platform selector work the way you want, it would devolve to what we have now, because there is just one optimal solution, and it is static, except for rare aberrations of the natural rythym.