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That would only work if you could run your network like a clockwork. And since you cannot…

Anyhow – the better solution would be to make totally dynamic system:

– only one train of a given line can access the station

– platform is chosen dynamically

Theoretically that would work even better. However such system breaks down quickly due to switching costs. As frequencies go lower, the time spent on the switches before the station entrance would be more and more of a constraint. The most vile example would be having 6 lines on 3 platforms (as you suggest) and then a slow local train being dynamically assigned to the station opposite to that train’s track of origin, effectively blocking the station entirely because that little train needs to go through several 46km/h ( because we want to be compact 😛 ) switches on the way to its platform.

I think it is quite possible that on heavily laden stations ( especially terminus type stations ) dynamic assignment would be more of a problem then a solution.

Anyhow – I need to eat crow. The platform selection issue still exists. Not for trains, but it does hurt for buses, trucks and trams.