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We´re are writing about Train Fever in the german simutrans forum, too.

I might have been to harsh. But considering the current ‘TF is crap, even stack of bricks is better’ attitude on this forum, I fill kind of excused 🙂

And what you can read there, is that I tried to like Train Fever in the beginning, but I got angry, when I saw that they did nearly everything worse and I paid money for that. Simutrans got much better in the last years, so maybe you should look again.

I paid $30 for the abomination called ‘Thief’ recently. I loved the previous three games in that series. The thing is, that you don’t get the guarantee that you are going ot be happy with your purchase. TF delivered what it supposed to deliver. You didnn’t like the dev’s interpretation of those features, that is it. Granted, it is a rough game, but that is why I make suggestions.

As for trying Simu – I have played sprite based games for 15 years. I want pretty graphics on top of that. It is more likely that TF will get a decent gameplay core ( which is quite robust even now ) then Simu or OpenTTD getting a modern 3D engine.

BTW – I don’t deny that TF has problems, and performance is one of them.

About the full load mechanic in Train Fever: If you balance the number of vehicles good you can use it, without problems and it spaces the vehicles. I used it at least at the starting of a line (especially cargo).

If you do that, you do not need Full Load. The usage of full load is to provide a synchronisation primitive and giving you info about line performace. It is supposed to work in a way, that if you ‘Full Load’ a train, and you see a string of trains behind it, then you have too many trains on that line.

Now I have to follow secondary charateristics of the line to determine amount of rolling stock needed.

Say – If I have industry with 200 production per year ( a year is 10 minutes, afair ), then I have to install 200 capacity per annum. So with 5 minute frequency each train has to have 100 capacity. On average, this will assure that most rains are 90%+ full.

This estimation works, but it is too much micromanagement. This limits amount of trains you can use. I top at about 50-60.

I would do it as in Simutrans.

How does it work in Simu? I am genuinely curious.

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