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Agree with most if not all the above, plus:


– I also think trains should be much cheaper to run but much more expensive to build. Tunnels are way too cheap too (a tunnel is often not much more expensive than a sinuous mountain line hugging the terrain.)

– I also think the 20 minute requirement should be changed to be a function of the voyage length (i.e. I’m not willing to spend more than 5 minutes to cross town but will spend 50 to cross the map) and good type (who cares if my train full of coal takes 21 minutes rather than twenty, and they could also introduce perishable goods).

-I don’t think the ticket price is a function of the voyage length at the moment?

– Spacing between trains, and make it generally an option in the line (like: no spacing between convoys, force even spacing between convoys, or just wait a bit if following another convoy too closely as it is now.)

General whishes/ideas:

-Narrow gauge lines would be awesome

– Special sites (touristic, airports or so) that one can build lines to and then bring passengers to. Like I once built a line to the summit of a mountain out of boredom, would be awesome if it was actually useful.

– Map editor,  and in general mission-type gameplay or such.