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Nice list of features.

I would also like to add something from my own:


-UI. In-game windows spawn at random anywhere overlapping or halfway out of the screen. If the list  is long enough (ex. Depot with 50+ vehicles) and you drag it all the way up to reach the bottom with upper part away from the screen and you close it with ‘del’ button the window cant be called again or if it is then its out of the screen. Appearance: Always. Solution: Re-sizable windows, screen limits for windows, list scrolls.

-GAMEPLAY. Then adjusting a new road to existing one, some vehicles in the proximity of the junction ‘teleport’ to a new road at random distances or they change directions at existing one. Appearance: Random. Solution: Code.

Major/Urgent Improvements/Fixes:


(Will repeat again, hope we will get heard) Automatic vehicle replacement, ageing, service feature. The main demand of all.

Minor Improvements/Fixes:


Building roads/bridges/tunnels should have manual height adjustment feature. (With a mouse or keyboard)


Autosave feature should be optional with a selectable intervals of game saves. Save menu should be improved. 🙂

The rest is said by radonthetyrant