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Town Goods Demand: This is way too low! 
I have 1 Steel Mill supplying Goods to 5 towns for the past say 30 years, steady town population increase, and it still only less than 60 Goods units demand per town and Steel Mills says “Try to deliver more goods”.

You’re forced to use trucks to make any money with industry – but this game is “TRAIN fever”, not “TRUCK fever”

And to say that is just industry supply: 1 x Coal Mine, 1 x Iron Ore Mine and 1 Steel Mill compared to the vast amount of other industries around the map I’d like to link up but I know there won’t be any demand for the goods, therefore no demand further down the supply chain (coal mine etc).

I get bored after a while connecting just passenger services, I prefer freight trains. I loved Chris Sawyers Locomotion and for example I had lots of Forests supplying 1 Sawmill who would then deliver lots of Goods to 1 or 2 big towns. Not possible with the incredibly low and unprofitable Goods demand from towns in Train Fever. That’s the only thing holding it back from creating a really nice busy freight rail service around the map.