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Mikael is one of the devs, you can see him posting here from now and on, I guess, they’ll take notice of the suggestions here, since they fixated the thread ontop of the forum 😉

[quote]It would be nice to have  feature to allow the user to start vehicle replacement instantly.[/quote]

It is there, just send your train to depot and you can exchange the train vs. a modern one.
That Vehicles disappear and a new one gets teleported onto the tracks is alrdy hurting the boundary of authenticity, we mustn’t exceed that further.

My own suggestions to the devs:

1) Real Flat maps, the “Flat” option is maybe Flat in Switzerland, but real flatland maps aren’t in the game without mods (you know without the hills and so on).

2) X-Switches and the possibility to let a track go over two other tracks via a switch

3) Adding of Coastal maps with Islands and the possibility to use ships to deliver cargo and passengers across the seas and rivers (The last one is a longterm goal of course)

4) Multiplayer ( for example 4 Players = 4 Companies striving to dominate and take over the other 3 companies), AI Companies for SP, Stockmarket Exchange and maybe events which have an influence on the game world and the traffic.

5) Bigger Maps would be nice to have, in the end on a continent scale like in Railroad Tycoon 3 but thats also a longterm goal in my opinion.

6) Buffers at the end of tracks, either automatically or buildable.

7) The possibility to change the route of Lines just by dragging them around.

8) A Planning Feature for building buildings and tracks, I like that Feature very much in Prison Architect and it would help to avoid some not foreseeable “Terrain collision” errors 😉