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Needed Feature:

– Ability to assign path per train, specially for Multi-tracks stations.

The current AI auto pathing is rather poor, it doesn’t use the additional tracks available, it always sticks to the shortest track, even when parallel tracks are available with bypasses

for example a 4 track rail with switches to access all 4 tracks from either direction, left to right, or right to left in a parallel setup, all the trains will only stick to the same track to the left, leaving the other 3 tracks unused, even when they all go to the same Station A to Station B with all 4 tracks connected from Station A to Station B.

The idea is to allow switching when 1 lane is congested, it can use the other 3 lanes as a relief, but the AI doesn’t do that automatically, and if all 4 trains are running it will just get clogged up on lane 1