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Have an option to Follow the Train

You can already do that using the icon in the top-left of the window that looks like a crosshairs (just click the icon and the camera in the main view will now become attached to the train and zoom in).

Does anyone know if the game will be further developed?  Fixed? Enhanced?  I see nothing here about any plans for improving it from the development team.  Do they even read there own forum?  Some of the suggestions above are awesome.

The devs keep releasing patches \o/ , but not as regularly as I hope they would 🙁 . Most of the changes are bug-fixes, but every so often, a new feature is added. Personally, I think the devs should focus on those really small things that need fixing (such as the cursor not changing according to which mode the UI is in, reporting information in the ‘Line’ dialog that is currently only mentioned in the ‘manage lines’ dialog (eg. which trains are assigned to a particular line)). They could release a patch once a week that only focuses on the small fixes. Only once the critical bugs and small things are done, should they concentrate on things that take more effort (eg. a dynamic pathfinder). I also hope they fix all the issues in TF before they start working on TF2.

Needed Feature:

– Ability to assign path per train, specially for Multi-tracks stations.

You can use waypoints either just before or just after the platform to manually control which platform the route will use. You can even assign a different platform to trains going one way and trains going the other way on the same route. The path-finder will still try and send the remaining routes to whichever platforms it sees fit, but you can of course take complete control by assigning waypoints to all the routes that use the station. Unfortunately, the pathfinder is static, so if there are toomany trains assigned to the same platform, they will continue to use that platform. The best solution is to make use of waypoints so your busiest routes have to share the platform with fewer other routes than your less busy routes.

Ability to build 2 or more tracks simultaneously.

Yes, yes and yes!!!