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Simple ‘X’ crossing

We really need an ‘X’ crossing for railway lines to enable compact double line junctions.   This is a massive omission in the game.  There construction could be expedited by the suggestion below.

Double Track Construction tool

A double track construction tool would be a valuable addition to the game.  This would make the construction of ‘skew’ bridges (at angles much less than 90 degrees) over roads, rail lines and rivers.  It would also be used to create double track junctions (as above).

Creation of Over/Underpasses

Creation of railway over and underpasses using the ‘m’ and ‘n’ keys as currently used for road construction.

Terminal Stations

These would incorporate buffer stops and road access located behind the buffer stops.

Light Rail

Can we also have light rail tracks (similar to railway line) that can be exclusively used by trams.  This would enable the construction of interurban light rail lines.