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Kimmaz, you are probably posting this for the other person having problems here, but since I’m using a Mac, my choice of video cards is really limited. Plus, since the game is not native to OS X, I have even less choice.

Now that I know that it’s not a native OS X app, I’ve asked Steam for a refund. I suspect I will not get one and will have to eat the cost of the game as a learning experience. However, I have been a member of Steam pretty much since it’s inception and have never requested a refund before. I’m just very dissapointed with this app. It claims to be a Mac app, yet it’s really a Linux app disguised as a Mac app. Even the requirements sounded like a game I could run.

I’m not holding my breath here for a positive ending. It’s sad really, it looks like a kick-ass game from the Let’s Plays I have watched.