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I just figured out I’m also unable to make three-way splits, is that correct? Or is the interface acting up?


There’s no way to get it to the right-hand platform if both trains are assigned to the same line – you have to create a second line which will then assign to the free platform just fine.


Indeed, the solution is seperating the lines. It’s the only way I can make it work. As long as multiple locomotives are assigned to the same line, they will try to use the same station lane (unlike OpenTTD, where they were free to pick and choose, even though the routes were shared). Signal setup doesn’t matter here. So I make seperate lines now, and plan accordingly.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing and I might still be able to make a roro-station despite the changed rules.


Maybe its just me, but why do you want 2 trains running the same line, stop at the same station at the same time, but on a different platform? Wont lengthening your trains suffice?


Various reasons. In some situations (climbing for example), I prefer having more but shorter trains to keep speeds at an acceptable level (not even sure if train length affects climbing speed, but I just presume it does). I also don’t want them to wait for eachothers in front of stations. It would be great if they could all load/unload at once at a station, leaving the rest of the tracks free for transport, instead of all waiting in line for their turn while occupying a rather long section of track.

Sometimes I also wish to keep various goods at the station seperate, so one train for full loading goods and the other one for unloading iron ore, for example. Since the full loading of goods will take longer than the unloading of the Ore, I don’t want the unloader to have to wait for the loader. I often carefully select my spots to build a station, so that multiple resources can be accepted/produced at the same time (in this case, one accepting goods and also producing iron ore, the other producing goods by accepting iron ore).

However, many rules changed in Train Fever, so maybe production rates don’t depend on service rates anymore. I noticed transfers are less useful as well, since resources and passengers seem to automatically transfer or travel by foot. Will get the hang of this stuff eventually.


I find it odd you cant get it to work. I did a very simple test on this. I started a new game, I set up 2 stations, with a single line between each. I then set up signals and described, and set up 2 trains to run on that same line. It worked just fine, no problems at all. Are you sure you set up the signals correctly? You didnt somehow place the 2 inner signals by the same track? It requires some precision placement of the signals, so zooming in close will help.


Hey Banshee! Nice to see you here, saw you on Steam as well.

Maybe I wasn’t really clear in my examples, I get the impression you’re thinking of a different (but comparable) scenario. You are aware that I’m trying to make the system completely one-way, right? I’m observing the same behaviour as Morat (double signals on entrance and exit yield the same results for the blue train). It’s not a precision or placement problem 😉

Solution is seperating the lines. This works.