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I have a question regarding showing signal aspects. The signals works, but they show always the same signal aspect. In my game the semaphore signals always shows the danger stop aspect, also when the route is clear and the train continue. This looks i.m.o. silly for a game where good graphics are considered as meaningful too. The not showing signal aspects,  is this WAD or a bug?

Yeah, I get this too. It’s not a bug I think, it’s like that for everybody. Would be very cool if they were animated, like in comparable games.

I was trying to do it like example 2 shows, but I simply could not build it.

I noticed that it can sometimes be very difficult to get track build out from an existing line, unless I start from the tracks end, even a simple “exit” track to create a new line.

Indeed, I often run into the same problem. The more compact you try to build, the more often you have to fiddle around to get stuff to connect. Sometimes you have to try it the other way around (connecting B to A instead of A to B). Sometimes the ends of tracks won’t connect either, usually I just build them very, very close so that they almost connect and then build the last inch of track inbetween for it to work (I get slope errors otherwise).

The fiddling reminds me of CitiesXL 🙂 With patience, we’ll get there eventually. I guess this will always be a bit of a downside for games that aren’t grid-based, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.