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Yes, its really odd without playing trains cause this is the mainreason why i bought this game. ^^ But you have also a achievement that names “Truck fever”. So I do this and the achievement without extra-loans in by one game. 🙂
And you can edit your entry i think in the first 30 minutes after posting. The edit-button is in the same row as the date is. On the right side by the postnumber.

After I get this two achievment, I will play the way I want, with trains. 🙂

Yes, Mods are good, but in this point I think there must be come out a balance-patch. You should earn all achievements without installing some modifications. In this case, the cost-mod is like a cheat where you don’t have these problems and earn this achievement easily. But the intention of the modification is correct. The running-costs must be balanced, so i think.

So long …