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Pasi:  Yep I tried those, left to right, right to left, second track underneath.  Those tricks work but not always. 🙁

spill: That is a good idea, that could have saved me some trouble.

simonmd: Yes I also figure being able to lay multiple lanes of track at once is a good idea but the track planning tool is a higher priority to me.  It solves more issues at once.  I just stuck with what I consider more important because I didn’t want to recreate the whole suggestions/fixes thread here.  As for the tunnel, you are right it is drastic to destroy a tunnel already built and paid for but I wasn’t able to find another solution at the time.  Splitting the track is so obvious in hindsight but at the time I wasn’t able to think outside that particular box.  Experience is not something you get until right after you needed it.

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