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I would really like the cities to grow bigger faster and bigger so it’s more realistic to have trains run between them


  • Tbh i would like a larger variation in town sizes, smaller villages with branch lines feeding pax to jobs in the larger cities.
  • I would love to see larger maps with the same number of villages/towns/cities to give the lines a better feel, nice long intercity lines with shorter feeder branch lines, the train variations would start to make a lot more sense.


  • The maps need a greater variety.  Coastlines, Estuaries etc


  • as mentioned before stations need a complete overhaul, they need to be upgrade/downgradeable both in length and platform numbers. amalgamating pax and cargo.


  • With the number of mods, the vehicle buying screens also need an overhaul.  i.e. tabs for trains/carriages/wagons.
  • There needs to be a single selection for a train type, with a sub menu for the repaint.
  • At the very least there needs to be a way of scrolling down through the list without endless mouse wheel scrolling.


  • As discussed many times, the timeline needs a major overhaul.