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This is indeed something that bothers me as well. If I watch a round trip or two to see how things are going it can take a year, I don’t think it’s realistic, the maps aren’t that big at all. A train going 100 km/h should take a few days, a week max to get somewhere. Basically I like everything as it is, it’s just the calendar goes by way way too fast. I played on a small map till past 2000 and I barely built on the map (considering all that would have been possible).

MUCH slower calendar / clock time, this means vehicles, production, cities etc. working all equally faster. 1/10 seemed like too much when I read the first post but now that I think about it it would probably be appropriate. The maps aren’t 10 000 km long, and even then a train going 100 km/h would get to the end in 5 days 🙂 so yes, 1/10 sounds really good to me. Just for the love of god make vehicles just as much faster to move, income changing accordingly etc.

Best suggestion I read.


edit: I do replacing while in pause so that doesn’t matter much to me. 🙂 send to depot and sell, buy x new ones and assign them…

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