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​Release – 1500 – Minor fixes
Contains an updated TFGMLoader – 1501
Fix. Crash in Savegame manager when a game had mods activated.
Fix. TFGMLoader (TFGM auto updater) crash if archive contained corrupted files.
Fix. A memory leak in the Map viewer.
Fix. Crash when a mod parameter was an unexpected lua table.

The easiest way to add your TFNetID:
1. Go to your profile page on
2. Copy the URL
3. In TFGM go to Tools->Preferences->Profile and click the “TF Net ID” Paste button.

There is no point to send bug reports if you are using an older version of TFGM.
Your issues have probably already been resolved. Update TFGM to fix it!

Please add comments and vote for new features on Trello.

Localized tags can be downloaded from

If you have translated something, please share it with me :)​