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A few functions was broken in the last update and has been fixed in this hotfix:

  • Fixed the missing install step after downloading a new update.
  • Translation button crashed TFGM.
  • TF folder buttons was never enabled in some situations.
  • Better and safer loading of avatar images from Steam (did generate the external thread error in some situations).
  • TFGM crash on exit in some rare situations.
  • Added button to bring up TF settings dialog.
  • Added default image (in TFGM) if non was provided by mod.
  • Added ellipsis at end of long strings.
  • Improved visual feedback on installed legacy vs TF mods.

If you have already installed v0.94.1.66 – 1263, the install install step will never show after download. You can either install the archive manually or run the TFGMLoader.exe located in your TFGM folder.