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Release – 1471

* Added GamesaveManager
* Added a TFGM sound folder
* Added alarm function to timeline
* Added timeline year synchronization
* Added “settings lock” for mod configurations (on link update)

* Change. Reduced some log data

* Fix. Import count always showed 0.
* Fix. Exception form crash if already open.
* Fix. GOG root dir got “Train Fever\\” appended.
* Fix. Memory leak when updating links.

If you have set autosaves to every year, the timeline will be notified when the game year change.
If the auto-sync button is enabled, the timeline will moved to the correct year on notification.
On each item in the timeline there is an “alarm bell”. Toggle it to activate/deactivate the alarm.
The alarm goes off when the timeline reaches the item’s start year. This can be good if you are waiting for a specific model to be available.

Keeps track of savegame files and groups them together.
Analyses TF log file to match autosaves with save games, store map seeds and game loads.
Because TF don’t flush the log file each time it is updated, TFGM isn’t notified of updates until TF saves the log file. This may happen during game play, but to be sure, TF must exit before TFGM so the full log can be fetched and parsed.

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