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Release – 1483

* Added a “Heightmap editor”, more info below.
* Added a warning message if link import didn’t had an info.lua file
* Added life% range colors in background of vehicle graph
* Added more error handling when loading strings.lua
* Added exception catch (silent) if log couldn’t be written to file.
* Started to implement a new bug tracking system to get more details about these exception errors.

Heightmap editor
The biggest news is the heightmap editor. This isn’t really an “editor” per say, because you can’t change anything in the heightmap data.
There are are however some tools to prepare the map:

* Scale map to one of the 3 correct sizes.
* Remove any color and alpha information.
* Point and click on the map where you want the water level. Range values are calculated.
* Export heightmap, colored and water mask for processing in paint program.
* Export your map as a complete Map Mod!

Other useful functions:

* Histogram with water level indicator.
* Contour line at cursor with water level indicator.
* Water % coverage and warning if more than 33%
* Warning if heightmap isn’t in the right format.

When loading a heightmap it looks for the corresponding info.lua and presets the range, name and map seed.
After exported as a map mod, do feel free to edit info.lua, strings.lua and image_00.tga
If you have a Steam account, your profile is automatically added to the author section of info.lua.

Please add comments and vote for new features on Trello.

Localized tags can be downloaded from

If you have translated something, please share it with me 🙂