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I was thinking it’s self explanatory. Just type in command-line:
“path to TFMC” “path to model”

And if path contains spaces then you should put it in double quotes.

For example, if you put TFMC.exe in “C:\Tools\” and you want to convert model “C:\Documents\Train Fever\Models\train.obj”, command should looks like:
C:\Tools\TFMC.exe “C:\Documents\Train Fever\Models\train.obj”

You can manual type this command in console or create bat/cmd file with that command and run it.

So, in this example, if all goes well, it creates files C:\Documents\Train Fever\Models\train.msh and C:\Documents\Train Fever\Models\train.msh.blob.

Then with this files you can replace game models or create your own game objects from scratch. Do not forget to change material property in msh file to existing and valid mtl material file.

Also, olahaldor made video-tutorial explaining how to add new train in game:

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