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I’ve been using this converter since it was made and everything seemed to be working correctly. I didn’t notice any problems until I started to work on the bridges. I back-converted the pieces of the new Steel bridge and imported them into max. I made some changes and used this converter. When using the bridge ingame, I’ve had problems with the size and orientation of the pieces. I had to rotate them 90 degrees for them to look correct but still had problems.

I then used the converter BR146 made and didn’t have any problems. So there is a problem with this converter. I’m going to redo the vehicles I did with converter to see if there is any difference in them when I get a chance.

Here are 2 shots I took of one of the bridge problem. I circled where the problem is when using this converter. The other shot shows how everything lines up correctly using the converter from BR146 and I didn’t have to rotate the pieces.