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You did not yet reached the maximal growth. What size do you have in mind?

I’d like to see the towns getting 100,000 or even bigger and having the industries producing much, much more. This game is called Train Fever but the biggest train I got doing any good is a passenger train with 2 cars and not filling it up. So far it should be called Truck Fever because the trains don’t do squat and I’d like to be able to make some long trains with 20 or 30 cars and go for a good distance. Right now the routes are so short that all they take is one engine and maybe 2 cars and that’s it.

So where is the Train Fever? I’ve been playing it for 2 days now and am getting more disappointed by the day,

I’d also like to know what the difference in the difficulty settings are. What makes one harder than the other?