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Ok, let’s not discuss about benefits of one or other signalling system. I have simple question, because after checking again your guide I am even more confussed but have 2 particular questions:


1) Do you know what for the one-way signal is for then? I thought that it means that the track is one-way like one-way road, so no train ever will go the other way (like it would normally ignore the signal, because it is not for this direction).

If so, then I don’t understand your warning on the explanation of double tracks layout – why should I NOT use one-way signals there? It should be the same (so no reason to use them, but no problem to use them).


2) In your second video about double layout, you put only two signals in each direction on all the track, because you have only 2 trains on that line, right? If you would have 3, you would need to segment it into more blocks between the junctions in front of stations…