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Hello everybody,

I also thought that trains are just not profitable in hard mode and therefore I also had the idea of using bus/trucks only.

To check if that works I made a big bus/truck only map in hard mode like this:

  • all cities connected with cargo via trucks.
  • building highways between all cities (biggest street with bus lane).
  • a bus line connecting always two cities with exactly 4 stops (one in the central of each area) in each city in each direction (= each bus line has 14 stops in total).
  • all bus lines have a frequency of about 40-60 seconds (resulting in 20-40 busses per line depending on the length).
  • no other public transportation at all.

This works very well and stable for me:
with a revenue of about 70 millions I gain about 30 millions profit per year – everything in hard mode, of course.

So who needs trains in Train Fever!? 🙂