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I agree with everyone here.

Upon registering, I’ve realised this website is done on wordpress. Thus ending my expectations for this game to be developed much beyond what I have seen so far *sigh*, *sadface* #pleasedontletitbe.

I registered to suggest to be allowed to convert my track to Cantery without having to completely re-lay the line. Likewise with stations, to be able to upgrade from the first “style” station to the second “style” station without having to delete it.

By the time i get to the age of the second style station, a town is normally to developed to rebuild a station without having to devastate the town.

Lastly, I would like to see an upgrade all too “this” option on a line. So, I have a truck route with 8-10 vehicles, when they are outdated, i sell all and then have to spend 20 minutes setting it up again with a lag distance between them. If there was an option to upgrade all vehicles on line to <_selectoption>. That would be fab devs.

Love the game so far, I hope it carries on growing. I dont care if i have to pay for DLC (it seems the norm these days).