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I too would like to see some changes to stations.  I would really like to have dynamic track selection..  if I have one track leading into a 5 platform station, it is not realistic to have the train sitting outside the station, blocking the tracks when 4 platforms are free.

I would like to have joint stations for both goods and passengers rather than having to group 2 stations side by side, one of each.

It also seems that the platform selected, is selected at departure from the previous station..  if you change routing at the station after the incoming train has left the previous station, it still goes the old routing, which can cause a lockout.

I would also like to be able to plant just a station building and then build platforms seperately..  even round a curve if needed.  This would also help when extending stations in the future.

I would also like a 2 ended depot, so that you could auto upgrade a train by running it through the depot and change consists as well that way 🙂

I would also like to be able to upgrade a complete line with one click if required as well.

Finally, on roads, I would like buses to be able to pass traffic, or have dedicated bus lanes, and likewise in most modern cities, trams have dedicated lines, not restricted to car jams.