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– Change the 20 minute rule for cargo. In the current state I cannot create a complex track system with big cargo trains moving around, because it will result more than 20 minute trips. At least the limit should depend on the distance.

– Increased demand for cargo and increased factory production limit. I started transporting goods from a factory to five different cities, and now finally the demand for the factory is big enough to create a train with more than 3 wagons. Maybe there could be buildings on the map (seaports, airports) or connections across the edge of the map which would introduce additional demand over the cities goods demand.

– Easier way to build bridges/tunnels. It would be great if I could simply click on different points on the map, and a track would be created, maybe have the green OK button only at the end, when a lot of sections are already placed.

-Minimap. I know that you can zoom out to see something similar, but even on decent harware the game gets very slow, not not mention the fog.